The Public Rape Experiment

Watch this to the very end, I was fucking shocked.

They audio recorded two people acting out a sexual assault, placed speakers in a men’s bathroom stall, played the audio and recorded the reactions of men using the restroom.

Some rushed in to assist what they thought was a woman being violated, others walked out of the bathroom.

While many would consider walking away from a situation like this as cowardice, I would not. It is not your obligation to interfere in what appears to be a crime, putting yourself in danger and possibly the victim in greater danger by exasperating the situation. Men die all the time attempting to protect women and while it is somewhat admirable, it is also stupid and highlights the ingrained nature of the male to be expendable at the needs of women no matter the cost. 

The video does not indicate if the people who walked away attempted to contact police, get the attention of others, or simply left without taking any action. 

I’m not sure how this is supposed to help rape victims especially when their message is to insult the men who rushed in to aid her with a mirror staring back at them and writing on the wall that reads, “This is what a rapist could look like.”



I want to educate people about LGBTQIA issues, especially trans issues. I wan’t to help people learn. But it’s difficult to want to do that when the majority of people are like “convince me on why i should give a shit about your basic human rights” instead of “im curious and I dont know as much about this as i should, can you help me understand”